In response to many members requests and further to the results from the recent club competition survey it’s been decided by the committee to invest and install a dedicated PSI terminal in the centre reception.
Those of you who have been member’s for several years will remember utilising similar technology from our previous software vendors. (Pre Covid)
This purchase will help resolve many issues, it’s simple to log in, it retains robust Wi-Fi reception and it will resolve many of the problems some members have experienced inputting those important scores due a number of frustrating issues including time and GPS factors for example.

Player Score Input –
The latest PSi design puts the emphasis on ‘usability’, making it simpler and more robust for players to enter and confirm their score by splitting an 18-hole round/ competition into separate nine-hole score-entry screens: the front and back nine. This streamlining allows for larger simple to use buttons and an easier-to-read scorecard, while the software prompts users to confirm the score after each nine to prevent errors being discovered later in the process.
Other parts of the PSi have been redesigned to allow for a clearer sign-in process. This format is being used more and more by clubs seeking to find ways to be inclusive to golfers of both genders and of any ability. There is also a completely new PSi leader board which takes inspiration from sports TV channels giving a modern look and feel.

Full integration with our ClubV1 modules including membership, EPoS and meaning that all competition related club activity are available to club members via PSiTouch

Members can enter their own scores, view a built-in real-time leader board showing overall and divisional scores.
The returned Scores and published results appear on HowDidiDo as soon as a competition is closed giving the golfer unrivalled statistics on their own game.

Club members can book both competitions and general play golf scores directly on to PSi.

For convenience members will also notice an area to check their membership and bar (EPOS) account balances along with a synopsis of their most recent transactions.

Our 22″ Widescreen comes installed with Future Proofed technology having a contactless card reader, sited on the left hand side of the screen, this is new technology that we are currently working on introducing behind the scenes, **this reader will not work with your current member card. **
However, for your ease of operation we have also added a swipe card reader that will work with your current member card, once swiped you will be taken directly to your personal sign in page.
The Final and really straightforward option to sign in is by using the touch screen, start to enter your Surname and then select yourself from the list of names that appear on the screen.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. You can do this by leaving a note with the team at reception.
We will continue to publish updates if and when required.

Club Systems 

club systems v1 hub

Worcestershire County Membership Card.

Launch of new County Membership Scheme

 All Men and Boys who are affiliated to a Worcestershire Club with a current CDH are entitled to a free County Card, through the payment of their normal affiliation fee.

The Scheme is run through Intelligent Golf, which the County uses for their website and competition package and is very simple to use when set up.

Thus, the Intelligent Golf App is available to anyone (men and boys) in Worcestershire, and costs nothing to load onto their phone.

Please see below for details as to how to obtain the card.

The process is:

  • Log into your normal app store on your phone.
  • Search for ig golf (or intelligent golf) and then locate igCounty App – it is free.
  • Load and Install the App.
  • Enter the County Card part of the menu.
  • Enter your details as requested – every member will need their CDH number (please note if you don’t have an official handicap you are not eligible for a County Card)
  • Refresh the screen.
  • County Card should be displayed, including County Logo, members name, current date, home club and handicap, and will be available every time you subsequently open the App and log in
  • OR
  • you can save the County Card to the “wallet” on your phone

Obviously. you only need to go through the upload process once, and then the card is there forever, provided you remain a member of a Worcestershire affiliated club.


Useful  Links

Here are several links that you may find useful as a member:

Worcester Amateur Golf

R & A

England Golf Golf Empire
Golf Central

Members Match Booking Forms

  Ladies and Gents 2023 Ladies-Gent Match Booking Form  
  Seniors 2023 Senior match booking form  
  Juniors 2023 Junior Match Booking Form

Members Information

To view or to download a copy, please click on the link below:

Members Referral Scheme.

This scheme is temporarily suspended until further notice

Share your love of golf and split £100.00 credit with each person you invite

All Adult, Senior’s and Intermediates (aged 30yrs and qualify for Cat 76) who are either Silver or Gold members may now benefit from a £100.00 credit to be split with any new member who joins in one of the same categories.

Providing you sign up a new member to 12 months membership then you will both receive £50.00 credit to put against your membership fees at the time of your next renewal.

Available to Members and referrals in the following categories:

  • Adult – Gold or Silver
  • Senior – Gold or Silver
  • Intermediate 30yr – Gold

 Terms & Conditions

  •  The referrer to complete a Referral Slip and pass it on to the person being referred (applicant).
  • The applicant to return the ‘Referral Slip’ together with a completed application form and payment to the Golf Centre.
  • Providing both parties renew, both the referring member and new member will receive a £50.00 credit applied to their membership fees at the time of the new members renewal.  Note:  members who pay by direct debit, the credit will be proportionably applied over the 12 monthly payments.
  • Application not eligible for the reward include: –
  • Applications not accompanied by a Referral Slip or are received after the application has been submitted
  • Golf Centre staff
  • Members who join during the ‘Up to 17 months for price of 12 offer’
  • Returning Members
  • Members who already receive some form of discount provided by the Golf Centre
  • 8 Month Members
  • Applications or referrals via Academy Pathway Memberships
  • BGC reserves the right to alter or withdraw the scheme at any time.