Serious Value at Bromsgrove

Here at Bromsgrove we understand that not everyone has time to play golf as much as they’d like, so we have provided a number of options to choose from.

It may be that membership isn’t for you, but if you fancy joining a thriving club, having a bit of fun and saving a few pounds in the process then it’s worth taking a look at what we have to offer.

Membership at Bromsgrove will entitle you to:

  • Opportunity to get a Handicap and play in competitions including Ladies/ Gents mornings.
  • Great savings on range balls (approx 30%) and Preferential golf tuition rates
  • Priority tee time bookings (up to 18 days in advance) / 10% discount on food, drink and room hire
  • Savings on buggy hire with members discount or 4 for 3 booklet
  • Free use of ‘Academy course’ and savings on ‘Footgolf’.
  • 8 month membership available (Ex Winter Months) – Please contact us for details.
  • Special rates at 1200 other clubs with County Card and reciprocal rates at 4 local participating clubs
  • Full use of ‘high specification’ short game practice area.

All memberships provide similar benefits, however the options available vary from the payment of an inexpensive fee to enjoy golf on a Pay As You Play basis to the payment of an all-encompassing fee to include totally unlimited golf .


Annual Membership Fees 2024

Adult (over 30)
Adult -Combined
Senior over 65 yrs
Senior combined
Intermediate 26-30 yrs
Intermediate 22-25 yrs
Intermediate 18-21 yrs
Parent & Junior – under 18
             _ _
Parent & Junior – under 15
Junior- under 18
Junior- under 15

Membership Fee terms

All Fees provide 12 months membership from the date of joining unless an offer has provided additional months.

Note: The Sum detailed in brackets = monthly Direct Debit payment

1. Admin Fee: A one-off administration fee of £40.00 applies to each application. 

2. All subscriptions include a) A compulsory Union Fee (collected on behalf of England Golf) Men’s and Ladies is currently £24.90pp. (Boys and Girls under 18 is £18.30pp)

Also included b) An allocation to the Members Fund, collected when applicable: Gold members at £7.50, Silver Members £5.50, Intermediates/ Students and all Bronze Members £3.00

And c) VAT is also included (please note the members fund is exempt from VAT)

3. Combined membership is available to couples and family members who must reside at the same address.

4. Parent & Junior Membership – second child in the family goes free.


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Winter play can be quite unpleasant, so it is understandable that we are seeing more and more fair-weather golfers. At BGC, we have the ideal solution for those golfers who prefer to play their golf through the summer months then put their clubs away for the winter.

Our unique Seasonal (8-month Membership) which is a Lite version of our gold and silver categories of Membership is hugely popular with both new and existing members. Not only are there the financial savings that one would expect over annual rates, but the added benefit of still being able to use the Golf Centre’s facilities throughout the 4 winter months as a bronze member. This really does provide the best of both worlds. Not forgetting, if come the winter you regret selecting the Seasonal option and want to keep on playing, not a problem as you can review your choice before the change is made and upgrade to 12 month membership.

Our Seasonal (8 Month) Membership is something of a rarity as in essence, it provides 12 months Membership.

  • 8 months Silver or Gold Lite Membership from March to October
    Gold Lite Includes Unlimited golf 7 Days a week or Silver Lite includes Unlimited golf Monday to Friday.
  • Plus 4 free months of Bronze Membership from November to February which includes the benefits as detailed below.

Throughout the 4 Off-Season months our Seasonal Members revert automatically to Bronze Membership. Members in this category continue to enjoy all the benefits that Silver and Gold membership provides other than inclusive unlimited golf. Their Membership card remains active, enabling them to make use of the various member’s discounts available in the bar and restaurant and on the driving range. Also, if you do fancy a round of golf this can be played at our Bronze ‘Pay as you Go’ members (discounted green fee) rates. During this period, you are also safe in the knowledge that your WHS Handicap remains active.

Although our Seasonal (8 months) membership provides fantastic savings over our standard 12-month membership, please be aware that Seasonal Members must be excluded from the Network Golf scheme (Network Golf Rules). 

Seasonal Membership is available to join during any of the main playing months. Payment can be made by either a one-off premium or by 8 monthly instalments by Direct Debit over the main playing months with the first sum due with application. No fees are due during the 4 winter months between November to February.

seasonal 8-Month LITE

Membership Fees 2023



Adult -Combined
Senior Over 65 yrs
Senior combined
Intermediate 26- 30 yrs
Intermediate   22- 25 yrs
Intermediate 18-21 yrs

1. Admin Fee: For new members, a one-off administration fee of £40.00 applies to each application. Junior admin fee is charged at £20.00.

2. All subscriptions include: –

a) A compulsory Union Fee (collected by England Golf)                                Men’s and Ladies £24.90pp, Boys and Girls (under 18) £18.30pp.

b) The following charges are levied and allocated to the Members Fund, Full members £7.50, Silver Members £5.50 and Intermediates £3.00

c) VAT applies to all fees except for the Members Fund which excludes VAT.

3. Combined membership is available to couples and family members residing at the same address.