World Handicap System

The new World Handicap System (WHS) finally goes LIVE on Monday 2nd  November.

Ahead of Monday’s official launch, we have been responding to many request from many members to help update their records and working with the support of Club Systems to ensure that we are as best prepared as possible. At the same time we have also scheduled our tills to update and swop over to Winter rates and our new menu launches so that’s awesome planning on our part.

We have worked our way through and ticked off the key six items in the checklist sent to us by England Golf, hopefully this will ensure that our club is best placed to embrace the most significant change to handicapping in decades.

The new WHS information board will be displayed outside of the starters hut over the Weekend before finding it’s new home displayed for your ease of accessing on an adjacent wall.

Please find a link below to the England Golf Golfers Education Hub

Golfer Education Hub