Membership Update

This content detailed below has recently been emailed to all members that we have an email addresses on file for and posted to the remainder. If you haven’t received a copy please contact the centre to update your records.

An important message to our Members from the Directors of Bromsgrove Golf Centre.

Following the Prime Ministers announcement on Monday 4th December, it is with huge regret that we have once again had to reluctantly close the golf centre with immediate effect, falling in line with Public Health England and the Government’s new directives.

England Golf and other Governing bodies have subsequently issued further statements adding, that this action is deeply regrettable but highly necessary and that this is a responsible course of action and should be implemented immediately.

We do not doubt that many members will be worried and asking how this closure will affect their memberships and indeed what our plans are for those members who have pre-paid or who are paying by monthly Direct Debit.

Gold & Silver members (including Academy Members) who have paid by One-Off Instalment.

For every 4 weeks that we remain closed, we will at the time of renewal (or when business resumes) reduce membership fees for the new season by the value of 1 month’s fees for every 4 weeks lost., Credits will be issued on to your subscription account that should be visible on the V1 app, ready for 2021/ 22 renewal.

Gold & Silver members (including Academy Members) who have paid by Monthly Direct Debit
January Direct Debits will be refunded as soon as possible (within 7 days)
This is a mammoth task as each payment must be refunded individually, we do not currently have the facility to make global bulk repayments.
February payments will not be taken as we will take steps to ensure that they are suspended. Unless the situation changes the next payment will be taken on 3rd March.
If we are fortunate to open in mid-February, then we may need to come to some arrangements for those members who wish to play the remaining part of the month.

Members who pay by Direct Debit are requested not to cancel their schedules with their banks as we are already in the process of doing this.
Once payment has been cancelled, a new scheme must be set up from scratch which can be quite time-consuming at a time when you are eager to play golf.

Bronze Members
A decision will be taken on Bronze members once play returns; we are working on various schemes to compensate our Bronze members.

Members who joined during the “Up to 16 months for the price of 12” offers
We still owe several members free month/s membership having joined at the time of this offer. This includes those who did not receive their full benefit last year (as it was carried forward due to lockdown) and those who would be due the benefit in the first few months of this year. For those who did not receive the full benefit last year, what we intend to do is honour the free month this spring before renewal on 1st May. For those who are entitled to it this year, any free months will be applied up until the 30th April but if closure means that all free months are unable to be fully taken by then, the remaining will then be carried forward to 2022. Further information will be provided nearer the time

These are unprecedented times and as such as we are making every effort to manage the situation as fairly and equitably as possible. Please be reassured, we have a fantastic club, with brilliant facilities and inspirational camaraderie, we are and will make every effort to ensure your golf here at BGC continues. Although our gates are currently closed, we are pleased to confirm that essential maintenance work is continuing, to ensure that the course will be in the best possible condition once play can resume and we can welcome you back.

We will strive to keep you posted using updates on the website under the NEWS section.
In the meantime, please stay safe and take care.

Kind Regards,

The Directors and Team at BGC.

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