First Move to Slidelow

The golf club moves to Slideslow Farm for the period 1904 to 1912, the site of today’s Club. The course measured 2537 yards, with a bogey of 38. In its early days the 800 men and 20 lady members of Brommsgrove Golf Club enjoyed inter club rivalry with matches played against neighbouring clubs including Moseley, Kings Norton, Kidderminster, Stourbridge and Ipsley (Redditch).

The Early Days

Golf is no stranger to this corner of Bromsgrove as the game was first played on the present site some 100 years ago on a course described as consisting of “9 rather sporting holes”. Originally founded in 1894, Bromsgrove Golf Club was based at Breakback (just off Rock Hill). In those days golf was only played on Saturday afternoons, the greens having been mowed in the morning. The rest of the course was left more or less in a natural state probably grazed by cattle or sheep. This early course would certainly not have borne any resemblance to todays with its well tended fairways and manicured greens.