Land Acquisition

In 1994 the opportunity of more land arose and thus it was decided to use the same winning combination of the Hawtree Practice together with Beveridge Plant Hire to form the second 9 holes.

Club Formation

The success of the first 9 holes soon became very apparent thanks to the initiative of Ted and his sons Philip and Adam who invested in the flair and style of the highly respected golf course architects Hawtree & Son. Many golfers at this time started asking about membership which resulted in the Club being formed in 1993, the affairs of which are managed jointly between the Members.

Golf Restored

It was decided to first test the market with a golf range which could give an immediate return unlike a course which required a further 18 months of constant attention before being mature enough and fit for play. In 1989 the Bromsgrove Golf Centre was born consisting of a 41 bay floodlit range and accompanying facilities. Interest was high and with land available an application was submitted to build a 9 hole course and on the land remaining a short Par 3. On the basis that it was not believed that a 9 hole course alone totally fulfilled the needs of golfers, the Par 3 project was shelved indefinitely biding time until the purchase of additional land could provide the much needed extension to 18. Construction of the 9 hole course begins.

First Attempt

It was a further 70 plus years before golf was restored to Bromsgrove, by the present owners of the Golf Centre, the Morris family. Ted Morris tries to obtain planning permission for a golf course, only to be thwarted by the Ministry of Agriculture on the back of their policies which restricted diversification.

Slideslow Farm

Having purchased Slideslow Farm back in 1956, many of our current members still recall the old farm shop selling a variety of fresh produce particularly the sacks of potatoes and home reared meat. Familiar sights at the time were the herd of pigs grazing amongst their shelters on the land bordering the Redditch carriageway- now the 18th fairway.