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Don’t be a no-show for competitions

The 2024 golf season is in full swing with all knockout competitions progressing, several trophy competitions held, and the Ladies’ and Men’s Club Champions determined.   After a wet winter, isn’t it nice to be playing in better conditions?

It is therefore surprising – and frustrating for the Co-ordinators – when there are late withdrawals from trophy competitions without a reason given.  There were a few late withdrawals in early season competitions, but for the Dallaway Shield – a Pairs Stableford event – there were 8 withdrawals.  One pair withdrew the night before, and a group of four and a pair withdrew on the day of play.  The Co-ordinator was not directly informed, receiving the information via Golf Reception, and with no reason given.  There was no opportunity to amend the start sheets, so the pairs that the no-shows left standing had to play on their own.  Had they finished among the prizes then the integrity of the competition could have been called into question.

The Management Committee at its meeting on Wednesday 3rd July agreed that this was a problem that should be nipped in the bud.  Accordingly, a new three-stage sanctions policy for no-shows is to be introduced with effect from 21st July 2024, the date of the Porter Dickson Cup.  Stage 0 is what to do to avoid sanctions.

  1. Anyone withdrawing from a club competition within a week of the competition date must contact the Co-ordinator to provide a reason for their withdrawal. Illness and injury would be acceptable.  Other reasons will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Co-ordinator.  However, non-contact with the Co-ordinator will place players at the first stage of sanctions irrespective of whether they had a good reason or not.

Note: It is important that the Co-ordinator is the first point of contact as s/he may have players on the reserve list or could move starting times around.  When entering a competition, note the name of the Co-ordinator and their contact details, just in case of a late withdrawal.

  1. Warning email to those who did not provide a good reason for non-attendance on the day (or who failed to contact the Co-ordinator).
  2. If the player fails to heed the warning email and is a no-show for a subsequent competition in that calendar year, the sanction would be a ban for the next two club competitions for which they were eligible.

Note: Where there is one or fewer remaining club competitions in the calendar year, the ban will carry over to the following calendar year.

  1. If the player is a no-show for a third time during the calendar year, the sanction would be a ban for all remaining club competitions in the calendar year for which they are eligible.

Note:  Where there is fewer than four club competitions remaining in the calendar year, the ban will carry over to the following calendar year though this would be limited to four club competitions.

We know that sometimes illness and injury mean you are unable to play golf.  But if you do need to withdraw, you must let the Co-ordinator know in good time. It helps with the smooth running of competitions, which benefits us all.

Management Committee, July 2024

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