Committee Nomination 2022

Please find details of the nominations for the committee received at the closing date on 23rd December 2021.

These are the therefore the committee members who will be taking up their positions with effect from 6th January 2022.


Position Name Memb No Proposed By Date Received
Chairman John Kelly 2146 John Brothwood 1/12/2021
Club Captain Christian Shotton 3248 Bernard Jones 23/12/2021
Club Vice-Captain Richard Alsop 2404 Christian Shotton 23/12/2021
Lady Captain Anne Wakelam 3392 Angela Smith 14/12/2021
Lady Vice- Captain Michele Parry 4336 Anne Wakelam 16/12/2021
Secretary John Brothwood 957 John Kelly 8/12/2021
Treasurer Matt Dale 170 John Brothwood 16/12/2021
Handicap Secretary Peter Gill 4004 John Brothwood 22/12/2021
Assistant Handicap Secretary Mark Jeff Johnston 4355 Gary Hawkesford 1/12/2021
Committee Member Alison Dickson 4315 Anne Wakelam 17/12/2021
Committee Member Vacancy      
Committee Member Lee Machin 3546 John Brothwood 30/11/2021
Committee Member Vacancy      
Junior Organiser Steve Bimson 4015 Gary Hawkesford 1/12/2021
Junior Committee Member Mark Jeff Johnston 4355 Gary Hawkesford 1/12/2021
Junior Committee Member Gary Hawkesford 4118 Mark Jeff Johnston 1/12/2021
Junior Captain Harry Hawkesford 3850 Steve Bimson 23/12/2021
Junior Vice-Captain Callum Jones 4181 Mark Jeff Johnston 8/12/2021
Senior Men’s Captain Deryck Hall 3255 Wyn Wattley 23/11/2021
Senior Men’s Vice-Captain Gary McCartney 3870 Wyn Wattley 23/11/2021