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Captain’s Shields, Saturday 27th April 2024

Prior to the start of these competitions, the incoming Ladies’ and Men’s Captains take ceremonial drives off the first tee to see in the new season.  This is also an opportunity for a £1 sweepstake – get a 50% payout and raise funds for the Captain’s Charities by guessing the combined distance of their ceremonial drives.

It’s fair to say, that there wasn’t much confidence in the ability of either Dave James or Sharon Easton-Pollock to smite the ball prodigious distances using persimmon-headed woods.  One former captain suggested that, based on his own experience, connecting with the ball would be a minor miracle.  Another suggested that nerves and the chilly early morning conditions would have an impact.  As it turned out, Dave hit the ball 184 yards, Sharon weighed in with 128 yards, while Adrian Chatterton and the charities were each £37 richer.

In the two competitions, Adrian Chatterton was quick to show that three clubs and a putter were no barrier to a sub-par round, shooting a net 67.  He would hold on to the lead for most of the day, first beating off a challenge from Mike Small and then Gavin Lawrence who both shot net 67s but lost out on countback.  Then from the last group Cormac Campbell shot another net 67 before Mark Smith handed over a net 66.  We had a winner, even if he didn’t stay long enough to hear the results announced as he had to hotfoot it to Villa Park.

 Captain’s Shield 2024 – Men’s Results

For a while, Carolyn Fox’s net 74 led the Ladies’ competition until Michelle Parry carded a net 66 to take a lead she would not relinquish.  Jan Harris carded a net 68 to finish as runner-up.

Captain’s Shield 2024 – Ladies Results

Once again, the greenkeeping team presented the course to a high standard and set a fair challenge.  Well, mostly.  One person played 9 from the tee at the 16th eventually recording a 12.  Who put a pond in the way?  But spare a thought for one chap who ran up two 13s within the space of four holes, and cursed his decision to put a 5-iron instead of a 6-iron in the bag.

Deryck Hall & Carolyn Fox

Competition Co-ordinators

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