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The Captains Shield event was preceded by the Captains Drive In to represent the start of their playing year. Between them, they managed to Drive 254 yards with the Ceremonial Drivers that sit on the wall by the Captain’s name boards in golf reception. Richard Ewen was most pleased as he had the nearest guess in the sweepstake of 255 yards.

The main competition was, unfortunately, delayed by fog for over an hour, but once we got underway 72 players armed only with 3 clubs and a putter, set about the challenge of taming the course.

Once again, the course was presented by the Greenkeepers to a high standard and set a fair challenge to all players.

Many players commented if only I had taken a seven iron instead of a six iron, life would have been a lot easier!

The results for the Ladies Competition are :-

Winner Anne Hollman-Bunn net 75

2nd Christine Gilman 77 BB6 ,

3rd Janice Harris 77,

4th Angela Smith 78,

5th Jude McManus 78 ,

6th Michelle Parry 80

7th Anne Wakelam  80,

8th Judith Jones 81,

9th Sharon Easton Pollock 81.

Best gross score Judith Jones 99.

Men’s  Competition

We used the New PSI machine to input scores and the full results will be published on HDID.

A summary of winners is posted below :-

Winner- Neil Chatterton with a net score of 66

2nd Place   Andrew Rose net score of 69

3rd Place Alexander Lane net score of 70

Best gross score was Shaun Bowen with an impressive 74 shots


Many Thanks to Carolyn Fox for coordinating this event and to everyone for taking part.