BRS Tee Booking Reopens

With only 3 weeks now until the golf course can re-open on the 29th of March, we are contacting you to update you on our plans for re-opening, as we are quite aware that Members are eagerly awaiting the chance to book a tee time at the earliest opportunity.

We are mindful from past experiences, that there will be a massive amount of interest when the booking system goes live, and an unprecedented demand for available tee times, which will lead to extra pressure on the (BRS) tee booking system. This is, unfortunately, unavoidable in the early stages of re-opening and we certainly want to keep the booking process above board, transparent and equitable, avoiding any preferential treatment which some members may have already hinted at.
Fortunately, the fact that golf will resume with Fourballs and the prospect of lighter evenings to follow, should hopefully relieve some of the pressure that we experienced coming out of previous lockdowns.

To ensure our proposals for re-opening the online times are fair for all, we have consulted with the Members Management Committee who are in full agreement and we can confirm that the process also falls in line with the Clubs Mission Statement.

It is, therefore, our intention that the tee booking system will be opened on Thursday 25th March (usual time) with the 18 days online booking allowance (Max 4 balls) with tee times available to book from the 29th March.
The idea being that this will immediately give members 15 days in which to make bookings, this should give most players a good and fair opportunity of obtaining a tee time.
The booking restrictor applied during the initial Covid outbreak, that prevented members from joining other members bookings, has been removed, so please join your friends in making up fourballs.

In addition to the online booking system going live on the 25th of March, our reception team will also be manned every day from the 25th to receive bookings by telephone. Telephone bookings will be extended from the usual 17-day booking allowance to18 days up until the day of opening on the 29th when it will revert to the usual 17-day window.

For those 4 days when our staff return before the centre re-opens our telephone lines will be open from 8 am till 1 pm.

Initially, bookings will be accepted for Members only (1 tee time per day) then Associate reservations with reduced booking windows, being accepted from 1st April, this should ensure Club Members receive priority. Guest and visitor bookings will also follow once tee utilisation rates allow.

We have also taken steps to cancel/ re-arrange as many group bookings as possible with a view to freeing up as many tee-time slots as we possibly can to cater for the anticipated demand from our Members over the coming weeks.

With regards to membership fees, in particular, those Silver and Gold members who pay by monthly Direct Debit that have been temporarily suspended by the golf centre, these payments will recommence on the 3rd of April. These Members together with those who pay by a single premium will be able to enjoy the remaining few days of March at no cost.