19th July Freedom Day, BGC Response

As we reached the completion of last weekend’s fantastic Club Championship, it’s time to now communicate with the membership regarding our initial procedures moving forward from 19th July.

We looked forward with great excitement several weeks ago to the prospect of “Freedom Day”, however, as we got closer, we shared more trepidation about the prospects moving forward and are therefore taking a more cautious approach to any operational changes, hopefully, we will then keep our facility as safe as we can for you and our team.

Can we please trouble you to take a moment to catch up on these detailed updates and amendments?
For your record, for the time being, the email we send every day to all players on the following day’s tee sheet will continue to be sent. So, any further amendments will be communicated in that email.

The wearing of Face masks is no longer compulsory in indoor areas of the Clubhouse; however, we understand that a great number of our members will wish to continue wearing face coverings, so we ask all members and guests to please be courteous and show respect for anyone following this discretionary course of action.

Our Team has also been instructed to act appropriately with regards to face masks and our protective Perspex screens will also remain in place.
Tables in Edwards bar and restaurant and the terrace/ gardens will be retained with appropriate safe spacing.
Table Service will continue, but members will now be able to make purchases/ orders at the bar for service to their table.

DO NOT TOUCH THE FLAGSTICK. Please continue to leave the flagstick in place and continue to use the hole retainers to allow easy access for retrieving the ball.

Rakes “WILL NOT” be placed back on the course at this point in time, please carry on with the temporary local rule regarding bunkers.
Can you please ensure you and your group help by repairing Pitchmarks and trying to smooth over footprints in bunkers the best you possibly can without the course rakes being available?
Divot boxes will be returning to the tees, but at this time they will be for STAFF USE ONLY.

Sanitiser will be made available in the on-course toilets.

Contact tracing is no longer required but all players MUST continue to check into Golf Reception BEFORE play. Locker rooms and showers will continue to be available for members and guests.

Buggies are available and can now be shared. Following any adverse weather, please check the availability of Buggies as they may be withdrawn to protect the course. We suggest that players continue to check the BGC website ticker-tape for any important updates.

Please follow the advice and direction from our team who are there to help, our staff working on the course are usually in radio contact with the centre, please contact them for help in an emergency.

Remember to maintain safe social distancing around the centre and on the course, especially around pinch points close to tees and greens

Please check the current closing times of the Main Gates that will be displayed on the entrance gates and on the signs on route to the first tee.

Opening hours of Edwards bar and the Driving range can be found on the contacts page of our website.

Take care and stay safe.