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Hole Names

Each hole, now individually named, reflects the origins of the site, links with the past, notable landmarks or the various elements that affect the play of the hole.

1st hole…  Slideslow: The name of the farm on which the Golf Centre is developed.

2nd hole… Old School Run: The tortuous uphill cross country route that the local high school utilised  before the development of the Bromsgrove Eastern By-pass

3rd hole…The Withy’s: Old English name for willow trees that run down the side of this hole

4th hole… Saddleback: The broad ridge of the upper part of the fairway resembles the back of the saddleback outdoor herd of pigs that used to graze this area

5th hole… Faders Folley: It would be unwise to let a ball fade on this hole.

6th hole… Burcot View: Overlooking the pretty village of Burcot beyond

7th hole…The Turn: At the furthest point, the worst place to be caught out by the weather

8th hole… Town Spire: This landmark in the town stands out clearly in the distance beyond the green

9th hole… Malvern’s: At just over 20 miles away the Malvern Hills occupy the south westerly skyline

10th hole…Keuper Rock: The rock formation forward and left of the green, together with the Clubhouse rockery are perfect examples of the underlying sandstone that help keep the course free draining.

11th hole… Turbulence: This hole seems prone to the unknown effect of the wind on a ball.

12th hole… Flora’s Wood: The wood behind the hole named by Dr Swire in remembrance of his daughter who died in the Lockerbie tragedy.

13th hole… The Ashes: A favourite viewing point of past family members who had the hindsight to purchase Slideslow and adjoining land which provided the capital to develop the Centre

14th hole… Twin Oaks: It goes without saying. However they guard the approach shots into the green.

15th hole…Spinney: ‘A small wood’. The field on which the 15th hole is built used to be referred to as the spinney field.

16th hole… Ah-Well: A turn of phrase often muttered as you miss-hit your ball into the lake.

17th hole… Sir Hughs: Named after the gentleman, who in the 1900s sold the land to the church and from whom we rented the field.

18th hole…Oakalls: The land beyond the dual carriageway, initially owned by the Marsland family, was also known as the ‘Oakalls’ long before the housing development.